Wedding Coordinator vs. Planner vs. Designer: What’s the Difference?

If you are planning to get married, you are feeling a range of wonderful emotions and are getting ready for one of the most memorable milestones in your life. You will soon make a commitment to walk through this life with the person you love and adore.

You want to make sure everything is in order before your big day so that you don’t run into unexpected problems, and you know you need some help to make it happen. This guide explains the difference between wedding planners, designers and coordinators. You will learn how many hours you can expect these professionals to dedicate to your wedding when you would like to make the right choice for your needs and situation.

Wedding Planner

Wedding planners put in about 90 to 200 hours and help you cover all your bases. They start by learning about you and the number of guests you will invite to share your special day. The wedding planner you hire will manage your budget and refer vendors that are likely to appeal to your taste, style and interests, allowing you to move forward with confidence.

This professional handles contracts and tries to get you the best price possible without compromising quality. The service lets you take your mind off the background work so that you can focus on making your wedding one worth remembering. After planning your wedding, your wedding planner will come to your wedding and make sure everything goes the way it should.

Wedding Designer

This section explains wedding designers and the role they can play in your wedding if you enlist their help. Artistic and passionate individuals, wedding designers are in charge of your wedding’s theme and visual appeal. Designers will learn the theme you would like to achieve and pick lighting and background colors that move you toward your goal.

These experts can design everything from your cake and ice cream to a variety of decorations that set the perfect mood to highlight the day on which you and your partner vow to share your lives. You can expect your wedding designer to spend about 40 hours on your wedding.

Wedding Coordinator

Wedding coordinators do many of the same jobs as a wedding planner but are not as involved as their counterparts. Dedicated to your success, coordinators refer vendors, confirm contracts and make sure you have enough accommodations for the guest count. In addition to performing those tasks, your coordinator also schedules your wedding and handles the rehearsal. Your wedding coordinator will do the final checks before your big day to ensure that nobody missed vital details along the way. These wedding experts spend an average of 25 hours helping you stay on track.

Final Thoughts

In simple terms, a wedding planner is the most hands-on expert when it comes to planning the details and executing the plan. You tell the wedding planner your budget and what you would like to do, and the person you hire will worry about the rest.

Wedding designers manage the theme and appearance of your wedding, setting up the lights and choosing the colors. A wedding coordinator is the right choice if you want to plan your wedding but would like a little help fine-tuning the details. If you keep your needs in mind from the beginning, you will have no trouble choosing the right wedding professional for your special day.