Tips for a Successful Beach Wedding

In the early stages of planning your wedding, deciding on a venue is one of the most important decisions you must make. For those who enjoy a little challenge and unpredictability, a beach wedding can offer a romantic setting that suits you and your future spouse. To have a successful beach wedding, you’ll need a few key ingredients, including thorough preparation for bad weather and blinding sunlight.

Bring Essentials for Your Guests 
Even if you remind your guests to bring sunglasses and sunscreen, it’s likely that a few will forget. Packing some extras for your forgetful guests is a thoughtful idea, but you can also incorporate these essentials into wedding favors. A pair of sunglasses with your wedding date printed on the side provides a useful and memorable favor.

Prepare for Changing Weather 
Even if the forecast for your wedding date looks clear, there’s always the chance of an unexpected storm. Having a backup plan is a good idea in case you need to move indoors. If you’re having your wedding at a resort, moving indoors in case of a downpour should be easy. If that isn’t an option, having a large tent on hand could provide shelter. If you want to completely avoid stress from the weather, renting a nearby event hall as a backup venue is a good idea.

Consider Your Outfit 
A heavy dress with elaborate details may not fare well on the beach; if possible, wear a light and easy dress during the ceremony to cope with the sandy environment. Saving your fancy dress for the reception keeps you comfortable and stress-free during your ceremony while still enjoying a stunning dress for your photos. Don’t forget about your footwear; save the high heels for the reception venue, and wear a pair of elegant sandals for the wedding.

Hire an Experienced Wedding Planner 
Hiring a wedding planner who has worked on beach weddings will ensure that you are better prepared for the event. A wedding planner can ensure that you have all the proper permits to use the beach. Ocean waves are loud, and a wedding planner can get the sound equipment you need so that everyone can hear the ceremony. If the planner is familiar with your beach setting, he or she can offer suggestions for the ideal season for a wedding date.

A memorable beach wedding doesn’t happen with blind luck; extensive preparation and flexibility are needed to pull off this event. If you’re willing to put in a little extra work, your guests will talk about your wedding for years.