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Figure Eight Island is one of North Carolina’s best-kept secrets. This exclusive private island is home to 400 plus residents and is also a popular vacation destination for celebrities and politicians, including former vice president Al Gore, and Sandra Bullock. The island is as close to pristine as you can get and the waters are crystal blue and clear. On a calm day, you see the bottom of the chest floor while being in chest-high waters. The Figure Eight Yacht Club is the only commercial business on the island, so before you cross the bridge be sure to stock up on supplies.

Figure Eight Island WeddingThere are only a couple of wedding venues on the island. Most couples tie the knot at the Yacht Club, at a private residence, or on the beach. We have photographed several weddings on Figure Eight Island and it is by far one of our favorite places to work. We consider ourselves very lucky to be Figure Eight Island Photographers.

Figure Eight Island Photographer
The majority of our family photoshoots on Figure Eight Island are beach portraits. Large families in white button-up shirts and khaki shorts playing on the beach is our most common style of family portrait. We also love shooting lifestyle portraits, action photos that incorporate your interest and hobbies in our photoshoot. Whether it’s fishing, kayaking, or playing tennis we love documenting people having fun.
Photographer in Figure Eight Island

Our wedding photography isn’t just a series of the usual poses. Instead, it is documentary wedding
photojournalism that tells the story of your special day naturally and captures the spontaneous
moments you’ll always remember.
Figure Eight has many beautiful settings for weddings, both on and off the beach. At wedding
venues such as the Yacht Club, we take photographs of your wedding party and guests that make the
best use of the stunning surroundings. But no matter where your wedding takes place, our
wedding photography helps document your special day down to the last detail.
Kristopher’s wedding photography in Figure Eight Island places an emphasis on quality and an unobtrusive,
natural style that makes the best use of scenery and light. Our approach to wedding photography is,
more like photojournalism with a touch of creative portraiture. As you celebrate the happy occasion with your family and close friends.
We capture the sweet and inspiring moments you might miss with traditional wedding photography.
Our style lets you relax, enjoy the moment even while the photos are being

Figure Eight Island Photographers


Beach Portraits in Figure Eight Island

Though we work in any setting, we specialize in beach wedding portraits and family portraits on the
beach. Kristopher can capture the romance of a couple taking a stroll on the dunes in Figure Eight Island, a beach portrait of a family reunion, or simply a portrait of a family having fun in the sun.

Whatever your beach portrait photography needs, Kristopher can capture the moment beautifully.
Figure Eight Island, NC Family Portrait Photography
Whether you need a photographer for your baby’s first birthday portraits, your 40
portraits or something in between, family portraits by Kristopher help you mark the important
milestone in your family’s life. Kristopher likes to tell the story of your special birthday, wedding, anniversary party or another family
event or milestone just the way you want it told, so he works with you to produce the perfect photos.
Kristopher’s portraits can help you enjoy and relive treasured memories for years to come.
And as a full-service photography company, we offer several display options to help you find just the
right way to showcase your family portraits or photos of your special event. So whether you’re planning
a wedding or a special family portrait, trust your memories to Photos by Kristopher.