Tips for attending a bridal show

Attending a bridal show is an excellent way to start preparing for your big day. At an expo, you can meet with vendors, see the latest wedding trends and have fun with your bridal party. However, wedding expos can be intimidating, especially if you’re already feeling overwhelmed with decisions for your upcoming nuptials. Good preparation is essential to ensure that you get the most out of the show experience.

Pack the Essentials Bringing along snacks and water is a good way to ensure that you and your guests can maximize your time at the expo. In addition, be sure to take along some mailing labels with your address already printed on them. Many vendors at bridal expos will want to contact you in the future with special offers and additional information. Using preprinted labels will save your writing hand and give you more time to spend on meeting with vendors.

Use a Bag
Wedding vendors usually offer promotional items, such as magnets or brochures, to help you remember their business after you’ve left the expo. Attempting to carry all of your goodies in your arms will quickly get tiring. Bring a simple tote bag to hold your collection of items.

Interact and Ask Questions
If you rush through the expo, only stopping to collect business cards and pamphlets, you’ll miss out on a chance to speak to vendors and ask questions. Important information, such as the availability of a photographer, can help you eliminate potential vendors. You should also ask questions to help you determine if a particular vendor is within your price range and fits the style of your wedding.

Team Up

Going to a wedding expo by yourself can easily overwhelm you with information and rushed schedules. Consider bringing along some members of your bridal party, including friends and family members. Your trusted team members can help you remember to ask the right questions and keep to a schedule so that you get a chance to fully experience the show. You and your team can also split up to cover more ground; your friends can alert you if they find any vendors that might be of interest to you.Bring Your Money
If you find a vendor that you really want to use, you will need to put down a deposit to reserve your date with that vendor. In addition, some vendors offer special discounts during a bridal show. Be sure to ask about refund policies if you’re concerned that you may change your mind later.