St Mary’s Catholic Church Wedding Wilmington NC

Weddings at St Mary Catholic Church Wilmington NC

Weddings at Saint Mary’s are by far some of my favorite to shoot. Every time I enter the chapel I am blown away by how beautiful the sanctuary is. There is so much art & history that has been preserved to share with everyone that attends events at St Marys. If you are planning on having a wedding at St Mary’s I would love to work with you.

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The timeless St Mary Catholic Church Wilmington NC is such a unique location for a couple’s special day. The year 2012 marked the 100th anniversary of this shrine, and with its rich history and gorgeous architectural design, St. Mary’s is definitely one of my favorite spots for photographing weddings. The official website provides a thoughtful glimpse into the history, architecture, and mission of this beautiful worship facility. Dedicated by Cardinal Gibbons, who was the United States’ first cardinal, St. Mary Catholic Church was first organized in 1820 by the Charleston Diocese. In 1912, it was declared a “Pro-Cathedral” in the Diocese of Raleigh.

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The shrine itself is built in the Baroque style of Spanish architecture. With its majestic towers nestled atop a splendid dome, this rust-colored landmark is a testament to its mission of love and generosity to its community and across the globe. This church is dedicated to providing assistance for the poor, championing missionary activity to areas such as the United States and Honduras, and educating children in its school using a Christian worldview. Its beauty certainly extends to the inside of the building where bronze chandeliers grace the ceiling and cast a golden warmth across each sturdy, wooden pew.

Wedding Ceremony at Saint Mary's Catholic Church Wilmington, NC

Entering the doors of this building is like stepping back in time. The church’s embellishments are relatively simple and uncluttered, yet this look is powerfully moving for the onlooker. The massive expanse of space gives a wedding party plenty of room, especially for a lengthy bridal train. Lifelike statues of the Virgin Mary and the Saints are artfully arranged around a solemn altar, which inspire reverence in both the hearts and minds of all participants. This church would be perfect for an evening/night wedding since the room could bask solely in the soft, ethereal glow of candlelight. In light of all of these incredible attributes, the St. Mary Catholic Church of Wilmington is the perfect spot for creating lifelong memories of a romantic, special wedding day. The serene atmosphere inspires a wedding party to be still and to reflect on the life-changing expression of matrimonial love and devotion.

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church in Wilmington, NC

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