But what if it rains? A Photo workshop by Kristopher Gerner.

Join me for an adventure, where we learn how to step out of our comfort zones and grow as artisits.

We will shoot in the harsh sun, in dirty alleys, &  in pitch black. Together we will discuss ways to over come challenging situations to make beautiful photos.

I will try to share as much as I can about photography.

If there was anything you are hoping to see, learn or just anything you wanted me to focus on, please let me know.

December 20th 12pm – whenever.

Cost $250  Limited to 12 spots

Learn how to take great portraits anywhere.


Learn how to take better ringshots.

Ocean Isle Beach Weddings

Create a background when there is not one.

Amazing wedding photo

But what if it rains?


Master the shooting on the beach.

Wedding at the Winds Resort

Look at things from a different perspective.

DSC_0248c copy copy

Create your own light.

Hilton Wedding Photosand learn to fly.