Preparing For Your Family Portrait On The Beach

What should I wear?
• Comfort takes priority! You might be asked to kneel, sit or stand in the sand, so make sure to wear something comfortable.
• Solid colors look great on the beach and won’t distract from the natural beauty of the environment. Look at your surroundings for inspiration, and choose colors that naturally mimic the blues and greens of the ocean or the reds and pinks of the sunset.
• Going barefoot is always a good option, but simple footwear—like sandals or flip flops—can look nice, too!

Does my group need matching outfits?
• Matching outfits aren’t necessary. Instead, try to coordinate your colors or clothing styles. For example, choose a few different colors and coordinate with your group so that everyone is wearing some of them. You can also choose a similar style of clothing for everyone to wear, like khaki or gray pants or shorts.

Are there any clothes to avoid?
• Definitely avoid wearing anything tight, short or uncomfortable. You might be asked to pose in different positions, and short skirts or dresses can sometimes ride up during different poses.
• Avoid busy patterns and prints. They can clash with the simple beauty of the beach.
• Neutral colors, like beige and white, can blend in with your surroundings. Go for something different and add interest by choosing your favorite colors!

How should I prepare for my session?
• Avoid wearing lotion or lots of bug spray. They can cause the sand to stick to you (which is almost always impossible to digitally remove from your photos).
• The weather is unpredictable, so come prepared with some basic supplies:
A small towel is great for brushing off dirt or sand. If your pets or kids will want to play in the surf, bring a larger towel to dry them off!
If you have long hair, bring a brush or hair tie to pull it back in case it’s windy outside.
o Bug spray can help keep pesky bugs away (just don’t put too much on because it can be sticky!).

Should I bring props?
• Props aren’t necessary, but they can be a creative way to jazz up your photos! Beach balls, sand shovels can add a fun touch to a group session. If you plan to use your photo for holiday cards, make sure to bring Santa hats or other festive props!

How do I prepare children for my photo shoot?
• Let your kids know what to expect so they can be prepared and patient during the shoot. For example, tell them they will need to listen to the photographer for directions and may be asked to pose many different times.
• Offer a special treat for good behavior. In our experience, children tend to behave better when they can look forward to something special—like an ice cream cone or a trip to the arcade—after the session.
• Bring a snack and/or drink with you in case your kids will need to eat or drink during the session. Make sure everyone has used the bathroom before the session (especially if it’s outdoors).
• It can be hard for small children to cooperate during a photo session, so try to bring an extra dose of patience. Crying kids can have puffy, red eyes, and that’s the last thing you want to see in your family photos. We’ll do our best to help you keep your children happy and carefree in your beach photos!