Planning a Bald Head Island Wedding

How to make your BHI wedding a success

Choosing a wedding location is one of the most important aspects of a successful celebration — so if you’ve chosen Bald Head Island as the place for you and your beloved to exchange vows, you’re already more than halfway there in the creation of a memorable event. After all, who wouldn’t want to celebrate their love in a storybook venue by the sea. Steeped in history and natural beauty, Bald Head Island is an excellent celebration destination. For instance, most people find lighthouses to be incredibly romantic structures, and you’ll find the state of North Carolina’s oldest lighthouse here. You’ll want to return here every year on your anniversary to savor the memories of your special day and to create new ones.

If barefoot on the beach in a flowing cotton gown is your preferred wedding style, you can easily achieve that here. Traditional options are also available. Because Bald Head Island is only two miles by ferry from the community of Southport, it’s the perfect choice for those who desire an island wedding. Private vessels also may available for use by wedding parties.

Caterers are available who can dish up any type of fine cuisine, but the regional specialities cannot be surpassed. Fresh local ingredients including freshly-caught seafood is one of the major reasons why so many choose to get married on the island. Mackerel, marlin, tuna, snapper, and crab are just a few examples of the type of seafood that can be found in the waters surrounding Bald Head Island. The area also enjoys significant wildlife diversity.

Like any other island adventure, having a successful wedding on Bald Head Island involves some advance planning. Even if your wedding party is relatively small, booking accommodations well in advance is recommended. The ferry service is very good, but ferry schedules vary depending on time of year, so make certain that you check the schedules carefully, especially if you need to leave the island in the evening to catch a flight for your honeymoon destination.

One of the best reasons, however, to say your vows on Bald Head Island is that it’s also an idyllic honeymoon spot. Why rush away via ferry after the festivities when your feet are already firmly planted in paradise?  If you are planning  a Bald Head Island Wedding, Photos by Kristopher would love to be your photographer, please feel free to contact us.

Wedding at BHI Chapel
Wedding at Bald Head Island Chapel
Wedding Reception at the Shoals Club
Wedding DJ at the Shoals Club