How to Set Up a Styled Shoot

Arranging a styled photoshoot can help you enrich your portfolio and develop valuable relationships with people who are in the wedding industry. Keep in mind that coordinating this type of shoot requires organization, patience, and determination. Several tips can help you put together a styled wedding photoshoot that expresses your ideas and talents. They include: 

• Selecting an original theme
• Establishing the shoot’s direction
• Collaborating with the right vendors
• Focusing on the shoot’s details Selecting an Original Theme The first step to arranging a styled wedding shoot is to select your theme.Most photographers shoot this type of session to inspire future brides, strengthen their professional reputations and establish relationships with people in the wedding industry. Your theme should be personal and inventive. It should also exhibit your creativity and photography talents. Themes can be based on movies, songs and books along with nature and modern trends. Establishing the Shoot’s DirectionDuring the shoot, you’ll likely work with a planner or stylist as well as wedding vendors. Therefore, the session may involve competing ideas. If the shoot is mainly your project, then make sure that your ideas are implemented. Be assertive and redirect the shoot if it begins to stray from your plan. Collaborating with the Right VendorsContact vendors whose work you respect and value. Consider reaching out to people who you’ve worked well with before as you’ll be more likely to enjoy the creation process. If this will be the first time that you’ll be working with wedding vendors, then contact people who you would most like to work with to create the perfect styled photo shoot. Be sure to provide them with a thorough explanation of your needs and expectations. Focusing on the Shoot’s DetailsWith extensive organization, you can manage even the smallest details of your styled wedding photo shoot. Try to arrange your ideas and thoughts in one place, and avoid leaving small notes strewn around your home because you may miss or forget to include an important element. Also, if you are collaborating with other people, then be sure to stay in contact with them and discuss the shoot frequently. Before the day of the shoot, practice setting up your equipment to ensure proper time management.

Final Considerations

A styled wedding photoshoot can enhance your photography image and inspire new clients to hire you. During the shoot, you’ll likely have the chance to work with talented vendors, and the results will permit you to share your photography skills with the world.

How to set up a styled shoot