Fort Fisher Weddings

Weddings at Fort Fisher

The Fort Fisher Historic Park offers brides natural beach settings that enhance the romantic atmosphere of any wedding. Although the park does not have on-site catering, couples can choose their own caterer who can provide casual or lavish food to suit their taste. The park prohibits alcohol to preserve the beauty of the sparkling water and pristine beach. However, many couples love the policy since it eliminates the possibility of inebriated guests and costly bar bills. Additionally, it encourages couples to focus on their day and enjoy their surroundings.

Wedding at Fort Fisher Kure Beach

Exchanging your vows on the North Carolina Kuri beach offers a warm, romantic intimacy that makes your marriage magical. Lulling waves, soothing sounds of the ocean, and expansive sand add unsurpassed natural ambiance to a wedding. Water is symbolic of purity, reflection, and change. Sand is associated with the passage of time. Thus, the beach and ocean add special meaning to a wedding venue that reflects your commitment to each other.

Fort Fisher Wedding Pictures

The property features a gazebo on the northern end of the park that offers exquisite ocean views. Additionally, there is a gazebo on the southern side that is ideal for those who want a beachfront wedding. Couples can also choose a wedding amid a grove of trees that provides shady relief from the sun’s warmth. Regardless of the park location you choose, you will want to cherish and preserve the beauty of your wedding day with pictures.

Fort Fisher Wedding

My experience taking photographs at Fort Fisher Historic Park will help make your wedding memories extraordinary. The sunlight and vibrant colors of the sky enhance a natural, outdoor beach wedding and affect the beauty of every picture. The casual atmosphere of the beach, sky, and ocean make it the perfect ambiance for capturing the details of your wedding without interrupting the flow of your ceremony or forcing you to pose uncomfortably. My gentle suggestions and knowledge of beach photography will help incorporate nature’s magnificence into every shot.

Despite the passage of time, Photos by Kristopher can help keep the memories of your wedding alive. Schedule a free consultation, so we can discuss your perception of your wedding. I can provide digital imagery and albums that will portray vibrant sunsets, crashing waves, soft sand, and the tale of your wedding under the sky.

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