Tips for shooting engagement photos

Couples have the opportunity to capture their most magical moments after an engagement. Some of the most exciting times in a couple’s life include the engagement and anticipation periods before their wedding. To capture these moments, photographers must consider a few tips that range from capturing the couple’s exciting moments to carrying required equipment. 

Back Stories
Find out interesting facts about the couple’s love story such as how they met and the venue of their first date. If for instance, the couple had their first date in a park, perform a photo shoot at that park. Take as many photos as possible to tell their story, from their first kiss to engagement and eventually, marriage. In addition, take shots of the engagement ring.Observe
Observe the couple’s interactions. Capture moments that show how the couple care for each other. Take shots of the couple’s smiles, eye contact or slight back rubs.Create a Comfortable Photo Shoot
Take about fifteen minutes to set up the camera and create a comfortable shooting environment. Encourage the couple to relax and be themselves. Ask them about their hobbies and activities to make the shoot fun and informal.Let them participate in their hobbies and activities to loosen them up. Such freedom allows the couple to relax and show their true personalities. Be sociable and ask many questions about exciting moments in their lives. Also, ensure the couple is comfortable physically. Make sure the camera is within easy reach to capture unexpected moments.Request Input
It is important to incorporate the couple’s wants and needs. Encourage them to convey their needs before and after the shoot. Let the couple go through your portfolio and preview photographs to point out the types of pictures that fit their style. Doing this eliminates the possibilities of future reshoots and negative reactions.Hire Help
Hiring an assistant can make your work as a photographer easier. Assistants help set up photography equipment and props, and may provide ideas on posing. Having a second pair of eyes helps ensure all photographs come out correctly.Locations
Ask the couple about locations for photo shoots. In addition, find out what the couple will be wearing before the shoot. Taking such simple steps helps to prevent color clash with backgrounds. Ensure you obtain permission in each location prior to a shoot. Create a list of backup locations in case chosen venues become unavailable or bad weather makes it impossible to shoot in a location. 


Tips for engagement photography
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