10 Things You Never Hear About Wedding Photos

When it comes to photos on your wedding day, there are certain things you do not realize until you are actually posing and smiling. Fortunately, by reading our list of tips and the 10 things you wish you had known about wedding photos, you will face fewer surprises on your special day.

1. There is Something More Important Than Budget When Choosing Your Photographer

When it comes to deciding on a photographer, your budget is obviously a significant factor but, more importantly, it is essential that you find a photographer you feel at ease with.

2. Use Your Engagement Photos as a Test Run

Chances are, you have not spent much time in front of a camera. An engagement session offers you the opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera, practice poses, and discuss preferences with your photographer.

3. Be Flexible With the Timing of Your Session

It is essential to be flexible with the timing of your photography session considering all the factors involved. Perhaps someone in the wedding crew is behind schedule or a storm is threatening to move in and prohibit outdoor shots. Trust the photographer’s judgment and be ready to adapt to any possible changes.

4. It Will Hurt to Smile by the End of the Day

Believe it or not, your face will actually hurt from the hundreds of pictures. From shots as a new couple to pictures with your family to poses with the wedding crew, your cheeks and face will ache and make it almost impossible to smile naturally. Be sure to let your face rest in between shots and any chance you get.

5. Pictures do not Always Turn out as Planned

Despite hours of preparation and discussion with your photographer, you may still end up without certain shots you wanted on your wedding day. Unfortunately, the day passes by quickly and it’s easy to end up missing a shot or a certain pose you were hoping to capture.

6. You Will Get Wonderful Pictures you did not Expect

Although you will most likely end up wishing you had captured a picture with a certain person or in a certain location, you will also end up with many photos you never planned on. Some of the best photos are unplanned, authentic moments. These photos will end up as cherished memories – possibly even more than any of the shots you had planned initially.

7. A Good Photographer Will Mostly go Unoticed

The best photographer will be present and available but never in the way. A talented photographer will successfully capture photos while being mostly undetectable.

8. Wedding Photos Typically Take a Long Time to Process

As anxious as you are to see the finished photos, it will take the photographer several weeks or possibly even several months to complete the editing process. Until then, you can look back on the day through photos taken by your family and friends.

9. A Photo Album Will Take Even Longer Than Your Photos

Beginning a photo album may feel so overwhelming that you end up putting it off for months. Sorting through the hundreds of photos and deciding which to include in your album is a time-consuming task.

10. The Photos Do Not Belong to You

Technically, although the photos are yours, they are still legally owned by the photographer in most cases due to copyright. It is recommended to double check with your photographer and contract regarding any use of your photos on social media. It is also essential to be clear with your photographer regarding uses of your photos such as in marketing or magazines.

All in all, by knowing a few of the surprises that typically accompany wedding photos, you can go into your big day with more confidence and excitement.